Friday, May 23, 2008

Count Your Blessings

Through all the difficulties in life that I experienced and still experiencing, sometimes I can't help but to ask the Lord for the reasons behind all these. However, whenever I turn on the TV and see the more gruelling heartaches that other people undertake, that's the time I realize how lucky I am. Once in Homily, I heard the Priest said, "When you feel down, don't focus much on the dark side. Instead, try to count your blessings and you'll see how rich you really are."

So, now I decided to count my 7 Blessings that I should be thankful for every single day of my life.

1. Family
- I don't have a perfect family but I have a great one. Despite the loss of our Mother, we're able to stay strong and be bonded as one.
2. My Significant Other
- Jonathan and I have been steady for almost 8 years now. Long engagement is rare nowadays. I am lucky to have a boyfriend who would stick with me despite my "ka-jologan" sometimes.
3. True Friends
- I have true friends that I can always count on when I need a helping hand. Friends that have been there for a loooooooooong time.
4. Ars Cantica Ensemble (ACE) Family
- I have found a very caring group with them. They are one of the reasons I always look forward to when singing in the Mass every Sunday.
5. Knowledge / Skills / Talent
- These are all God-given. Things that can't be taken away from me.
6. Awards
- Again, something that can't be taken away because these were fruits of my hardwork and determination.
7. Good Health
- I get sick from time to time but I have NEVER experienced to be confined or be seriously ill.

Wow! I'm blessed! I'm sure, I still missed some things.
To God Be The Glory!

Now, are you ready to count your BLESSINGS? :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Do You Have A Difficult Person In Your Life?

I got this wonderful e-mail today from Mammu Chinn (my Nanay-Nanayan in our choir). It's very enlightening and I thought that it would be great to share it with you.


God allows difficult people to come into our lives to give us very special gifts. What could these gifts be?

It seems like everyone on the planet has a difficult person to strangle, er, I mean to grapple with. But “What special gifts do Difficult People give you?”

Here are the big 4 gifts you receive from difficult people. (Note: Check out especially Gift #2, because that’s what many people don’t do…)

Gift #1:
Difficult people can teach you how to love,
preparing you for Heaven!

§ You learn to become more patient, more understanding, more persevering.
You have pity for them because you realize that Hurt people hurt people”
You learn to see the good qualities even among difficult people.
You learn how to be compassionate as God is compassionate.
You learn how to forgive, to remove bitterness from your heart.

Gift #2:
Difficult people can teach you to protect yourself
and learn to say
“No” to abuse.

§ You learn to love yourself, respect yourself, by no longer allowing abuse.
You learn to be courageous and stand up against bullies.
You learn to give tough love—refusing his abuse again. It may be the most loving thing you can do for a difficult person.
You wizen up, learn tact, and learn how to distance yourself from harmful people.

Gift #3:
Difficult people can help you
get to know your weaknesses.

§ Difficult people remind you that you too could be difficult to others.
Difficult people teach you many important lessons in life. By seeing the tragic results of their actions, you’re inspired to do the very opposite of what they do.

Gift #4:
Difficult people can bring you closer to God.

§ Difficult people force you to pray a lot. (“Lord, help! I can’t take it anymore!”)
Difficult people force you to trust in God. (“Lord, I give up! I’ve done everything but she’s still a monster…”)
Praying for difficult people may not change them, but YOU will.
“Your cross (difficult person) is your key to heaven…” St. Poveda
You realize that YOU are God’s difficult person—yet you’re still loved by God!
Friend, God allows difficult people into your life to give you these 4 gifts.
Don’t miss receiving them!

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Friday, May 9, 2008


As I was researching for copyright articles, I noticed this post from It's regarding ABS-CBN's copyright violation of certain festival photos that were shown in "Boy and Kris". Here is the link to the said post:

And this was the resolution:

Mabuhay ka,! :)

I am really glad to have read these. Huli man daw at magaling... huli pa rin ako. Hehe! Now, I am more aware of my rights and I will be very vigilant this time. Just remember that we have AUTOMATIC COPYRIGHT of our OWN works/products. So, to unscrupulous people who will try to publish/upload my audio-visual works, photographs, and songs WITHOUT my permission; don't even try... No, no, no! Bang! :P

Friday, May 2, 2008

Zion's Post in

*Click the photo to enlarge

I've just come across this post from and noticed that our choir, Ars Cantica Ensemble, was mentioned. It just feels good to read something like this coming from somebody who we really don't know. Whoever "zion" is, thanks a lot! :)

IRON MAN Rocks!!!

I never liked any other superhero besides Superman.
I never knew who Iron Man was.
However, when I learned that Robert Downey, Jr. was chosen to play the role of Iron Man, I got so excited (even if I was not yet sure how that superhero looked like)! I have been a big fan of him since I watched him in "Chances Are" and "Heart and Souls". One day, when I saw a photo of Iron Man, I was like: "Ugh! How can I see his face?" Then, I started to doubt if I would be able to like the movie. Besides, Iron Man was not a familiar character for me.

Jonathan and I watched Iron Man on its first day of showing (April 30). I was really looking forward to see Robert Downey, Jr. and not the Iron Man. But, to my surprise, after watching it, I'd say that the movie met my expectations! It's not perfect but it was great! Story-wise, it's much better than Transformers. RDJ's acting is flawless and the production is simply amazing! The robot is gorgeous, too! I honestly would want to watch it all over again.

If you haven't seen this film yet, go out and watch it now. It's worth it! :)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

"He Loved Me" by Ars Cantica Ensemble

Ars Cantica Ensemble singing (one of my favorite Mass songs) "He Loved Me" during Communion on Sunday Mass (April 6) at the EDSA Shrine.

Ars Cantica Ensemble is a Church-based choir serving at Greenbelt Chapel, Our Lady of EDSA Shrine, Rockwell Chapel, and Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Chapel.

*Pardon for the muffled sound quality for this was only recorded using a mobile phone.

The Demise Of Honesty and Decency In Our Society plus The Rise of Gullability & Recalcitrance

I do not need attention.
I do not need recognition.

I do not need sweet conversation.
I do not need affection.

I do not need an apology.
I do not need promises.


Say what you mean and mean what you say.
If you can’t be generous with your words, at least be HONEST: even if others do not, even if others cannot, and even if others will not.

Do I still need to elaborate? Nah!

Batu-bato sa langit
Ang tamaan...
Beh, buti nga! :P

A Chock-Full Easter with Ars Cantica Ensemble

We had a great time celebrating Easter Sunday singing in three different Masses (Discovery Suites, EDSA Shrine, and Rockwell Chapel). Plus, our super missed "kapatid", Lhance made a surprise visit! Indeed, the Christ is risen!

*Ars Cantica Ensemble is a Church-based Choir serving at Greenbelt Chapel, Our Lady of EDSA Shrine, Rockwell Chapel, and Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Chapel.

To view more photos, please go to:

TMX Elmo Live!

These are great toys, indeed! The first video is the new edition and the second one is what I have. It was given to me by my boyfriend, Jonathan as a Valentine's gift two years ago. Enjoy watching! :)

The New TMX Elmo Live!

My TMX Elmo!

Ars Cantica Ensemble's Entry for the "Pringles U Pop" Music Video Contest

Here's our entry for the "Pringles U Pop Music Video Contest" on Myx.

We managed to finish the recording and shoot in just one day (right after our Mass services at the EDSA Shrine and Rockwell Chapel) and submitted our entry on January 29. Though we were not chosen to be in the Finals, we had a lot of fun making this video!

Title: Pop Heart (Once You Pop, You Can't Stop)
Performed by: Ars Cantica Ensemble
Music & Lyrics / Direction: Choy Zablan
Music Arranged by: Ars Cantica Ensemble