Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Warrior Is A Child

I was not familiar with the song "The Warrior Is A Child" until Rico Yan died six years ago. It became popular because it was known to be his favorite song. I thought it was Gary Valenciano's original composition. I only knew just last night that it was Twila Paris' original song. I heard her version while we were in Julie's car. She let us listen to it because it is the song that we're going to perform for tomorrow's Greenbelt Chapel's Silver Jubilee Presentation.

Julie Garcia is our current Musical Director. Since the Silver Jubilee council assigned the song to us, she made a special arrangement of the song for our choir, Ars Cantica Ensemble. I was really moved with her arrangement. I even sent her a text message how I was really touched by it. Although we only had little time to make a perfect execution of it, I already felt the message of the song. I liked the song before but now... I LOVE IT! I consider it as my #1 favorite song to date.

Just a few minutes ago, I started searching for videos of Twila Paris singing this song. I was not disappointed. I also saw a very good presentation with this song in the background. Here's the link: The Warrior Is A Child

While watching it, at first, I was holding back my tears. However, my chest exploded in the middle of the song and I wasn't able to contain my emotions and I bursted into tears. I didn't know exactly why I was crying. I didn't care. I really had a good cry. I thought maybe it was because of all the frustrations and heartaches that I've been through all these years. I am not used to crying when there are people around me. I'd rather not show my emotions. I'd rather cry when I'm all alone. Well, whatever the reason was, I enjoyed that moment.

Hopefully, we'll be able to give justice to this song when we perform for tomorrow's celebration. I pray that the Lord's Angels will sing with us. :)