Friday, September 18, 2009

Noynoy Aquino for President?!

I had been a follower of Cory Aquino and of whoever she endorsed. However, after Cory's apology to Erap and Noynoy's alliance with that same person (Noynoy was endorsed by Erap in the GO: Genuine Opposition --- there was even a photo of Erap raising the hand of Noynoy --- what an eyesore!), my admiration for the two of them has slowly faded and now, I'm afraid it's gone. Nonetheless, my respect still goes to our former President Cory Aquino for the mere fact that she was able to restore democracy in our country.

I have always regarded Ninoy Aquino as somebody of high morals and I will always remain as a Ninoy Aquino believer. However, his son, Noynoy has failed me. As a person, I believe he is good also (no doubt about that) but as a public servant/politician, I could not extend the same courtesy that I have extended to his father. How can Noynoy justify his alliance with a very corrupt and a morally-devoid individual (Erap)? How can you fight the present administration's evil system when you are also associated with a convicted plunderer? It's very disgusting to see an Aquino befriending such a lowlife; all for the sake of political convenience! In my opinion, that's an un-Aquino trait. He gained Erap's supporters but he eventually lost some of Aquino believers as a consequence... and that includes my family.

Nasaan ang delicadeza? Nasaan ang prinsipyo? Paano ko rerespetuhin ang isang taong kaya rin palang kumain nang naisuka na? Higit sa lahat, paano ko papanigan ang isang taong kaya rin palang mabaluktot ang prinsipyo basta't umaayon sa kanyang pampulitika na interes?

Noynoy Aquino for President?! Of course, he has a big chance of winning. Why not? After all, AQUINO s'ya. AQUINO lang kasi s'ya. Pero kung sa kakayanan at prinsipyo ng namayapa n'yang ama, WALA s'yang namana! Bulok din pala ang paninindigan n'ya tulad ng ibang pulitiko. TRAPO.

Kawawang Pilipinas. Wala nang mapili kundi ang "the least evil of them all (?)" but not necessarily the best one that can lead and govern our country.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Choy's Cuts - HP You on You Project Entry

Hello, friends! Just like to ask a little favor from you. I sent an entry to the HP You on You Project on YouTube. I just need your support so that I could be included kahit sa Top 100 lang sana. Mahirap maging finalist, sobrang magagaling ang mga kalaban. Sadly, it's quite late for me to know about this contest. Nevertheless, I still tried kahit medyo hapit na sa oras.

Here are the ways to vote (you must have a YouTube account, registration is FREE):

Please go to >>> >>> click on the stars rating and leave a comment


Please go to >>> >>> "View + Vote" >>> "Community Award" >>> to see my entry on the contest page itself, on the Search tab (upper right hand corner) please type "choyzee" >>> click on the the one with the PC Monitor image (My Choy's Cuts version two point one, a.k.a. My Choy's Cuts final version) >>> vote thumbs up or down (if it's not too much to ask, please vote thumbs up, hehehe...). :)))

Thank you very much for your time and support! Mwaaah! :-*