Saturday, February 25, 2017

Dear Ninoy

Dear Ninoy,

It is you I remember most these days.

I do not mean to disturb your peace.  You already have passed from this valley of tears to the House of the Father, but please, Ninoy, do not forget us in our present travails as a nation.  I know that you love this country so much.  You will not let us lose our hope.

Ninoy, embrace us and ask God to embrace your God-loving people.  Do not look at the blessings we have squandered and the heroism we have ridiculed.  Do not look at the biased media and the people that they have misled.  Do not look at the uncaring attitude of some people about the victims of the Mendiola massacre, the Hacienda Luisita massacre, and the SAF44 debacle.

Look at us in our fears and pray for us to God to heal our land. Give us more courage. Give us more hope.  Shake us up from political stupidity.

Thirty-one years after EDSA 1986, I hear our people ask: What shall we celebrate? What is there to celebrate?  By the corner of EDSA and Ortigas, I want to sit and weep as I remember the four glorious days of February 1986 now dimmed due to the failed promises of the past administrations after Ferdinand Marcos'The songs of peace now drowned by the hypocritical and self-serving people that we once trusted.

The bloodless revolt now stained by the blood of the victims under your wife and your son's leadership, and these same victims have yet to find peace and justice.

Four days of bloodless revolution!  Wow!

Now thirty-one years and the masquerading corrupt politicians still use the EDSA People Power in the name of delusional "change” that they abused for personal gain!  From Marcos' cronies, to Cory's Kamag-anak, Inc., and to PNoy's KKK - what a nightmare, Ninoy!  It is a shame.

The dictator ousted by people power is now buried among heroes, which in the first place would have never been possible IF Fidel V. Ramos did not allow his family to set foot in our country again.  This was the same man anointed by your own wife, Cory, to be her successor; the same man I voted, for the love of Cory.

The lady of 1,200-plus pairs of shoes is now a representative in Congress, and her family still lives a comfortable life.

A former actor - president ousted for plunder continues to be in power.

Another former president known for corruption is back in Congress.

Any Filipino can run for the presidency even without any substantial experience.  History books and historical memory are mocked.  Thanks to our inutile 1986 Constitution and to the traditional political alliances.  Imagine, even you wife and your son ate their shit and supposed personal convictions to join a plunderer for political convenience!  Thank God, Ninoy, you did not live to see those days.

Tears flowed. Uncertainties choked us. It was hard to choose silence and just take the blows. I thought, "How long can we endure?" It was hard to fight for the right without question or pause and be willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause. You remember that song, Ninoy? Singing it makes me smile and makes me cry.

Were you ever discouraged and did you also question yourself if what you were doing was right? Were you ever afraid or did you ever feel the urge to stay in your zone of comfort instead of fighting the unbeatable foe?

My parents were loyal supporters of your family then, and I inherited their love for them.  However, even though they were among those people who were present during People Power 1, they got disillusioned with what had transpired over the years.  Slowly, they lost their interest in watching the annual celebrations which they dubbed as "pure entertainment only".  Nevertheless, for the love of you Ninoy, we still supported Cory's preferences in every election that followed, until 2007, for when we finally realized, "Enough is enough".  It was hard to turn a blind eye.  We could not stomach your wife's political alliance with a plunderer, just to show disdain for the administration at that time and to satisfy your son's political ambition. Just because one is against a corrupt president doesn't give him moral ascendance.  Ang isinuka, pwede rin pala nilang kainin muli.  Sobra na, tama na, itigil na ang kahibangan na ito.  Hindi sila mga santo.  Mga tao rin sila na may kanya-kanyang interes.  Pare-pareho lang pala sila, Ninoy...  Pare-pareho lang sila.

Ninoy, the thirty years of fakery have taught us to break away from political loyalty.  Those people who have failed us taught us how to cope more from disenchantment. They taught us how to be more courageous. They taught us to be more humorous (oh, you should see the creative memes now). They taught us to keep our faith that ONE DAY, WE, the FILIPINO people, WOULD BE ABLE TO BEAT THEM THROUGH A COLLECTIVE EFFORT AGAIN.  They taught us to be more discerning of the self-righteous authorities: may they be in the government or in religious groups. They woke us up from political blindness to be passionate again to fight for our country.

We were looking for you but you are not here. We were waiting for your voice but we cannot hear. We wanted to see you again but you seem so far away now.  In those years, we missed you.

Thirty years after, the TRAPOs have unknowingly created their own monster.  Thirty years after, we regained hope and trust, for that monster is "someone who is willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause".  Sounds familiar, Ninoy?  The TRAPOs now fear that monster.

Can we still celebrate EDSA people power? Maybe you'd say, "Yes, because EDSA is for the people.  The true celebration of the EDSA People Power lies and depends in your hearts and not on a grand celebration wherein you will only see a gathering of POLITICAL GARBAGE.  That is not a celebration, but pure POLITICAL and SOCIAL TOXIN."

As Loida Lewis put it, "Doesn't have to be true, just needs to look like it."  Hence, DECEPTION.

For EDSA is not about a particular political color or a political clan that most saintly men and women usually adore and continuously portray to be upright, BUT about the faith and bravery of the enormous NAMELESS PEOPLE who called upon the Lord in their distress and whose cry the Lord has heard from heaven.  EDSA is our people’s cry and our God’s loving reply.

In your final years, Ninoy, you were firm to remind us that THE FILIPINO IS WORTH DYING FOR.  The EDSA spirit is pure and worth celebrating always.  It is the hypocritical and self-serving people who have RAPED it, which is even worse than the supposed uncountable extra-judicial killings of drug users and syndicates.

May we always remind ourselves that the people who prostituted the EDSA democracy are the very same people who are now afraid to face their nightmare: to be taken out of power.  Never shall we allow ourselves to be fooled again.   Enough of those wolves in sheep's clothing.  NEVER AGAIN.

Against all odds, Ninoy, we will remember. We will give thanks. We will challenge ourselves to live for God and to live for country as you did.

Rest now, Ninoy. You have left us lessons to last us many lifetimes. All we must do is to keep on remembering and to keep the fire aglow. You have passed on that torch to us and we will not fail you, not like what your wife and son did.


In the Lord's House, please hug my mom for me, who was a staunch believer in you.


Matthew 7:1-2
"Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you."


It's been almost a year since I wrote here.  I do not own the entire entry.  It was after reading Archbishop Soc Villegas' letter to the late Cardinal Sin that I got inspired to "rewrite" his letter, but this time, addressed to Ninoy.

You may find his original letter here:

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Survey Says..................

Sa tanang buhay ko, ni minsan hindi ako natanong sa political surveys. Kaya naman naisip ko na ako na lang mismo ang gumawa. Walang bayad o suhol, sarili ko lamang pagkukusa. Mahirap pero natapos ko rin.

Napansin ko lang:
1. Nag-aalangan sumagot ang ibang tao. Kapag sinabi kong personal survey ko lang at hindi commissioned (SWS/Pulse Asia), saka lang magpapa-unlak.
2. Hindi lahat, pero karamihan ng mga natanong ko sa Rosario at Jenny's ay para kina Binay at Poe, habang kay Duterte naman ang karamihan ng "yuppies" (ironically, marami sa kanila ay babae).
3. More or less, 20 ang nalapitan ko na hindi nakapagparehistro. Kaya hindi ko sila isinama sa survey.

This random survey was done from February 3 to 22.
I intentionally excluded my family members and friends from the survey.
The one-hundred respondents are all common folks: commuters, market vendors, students, and young & old professionals.
No specific class or age range
Area: Pasig City (Jenny's, Rosario, and Ortigas Center)

And now, for the results... Survey says..................
(Click on the image to view it in full.)

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Adobo Mix

Finally!  Here is my very first digital album as an independent songwriter.  After years of putting aside my passion, I am now determined to fulfill my dream, one step at a time...

The songs / album are now available here  >>>  Adobo Mix

Initially, the album has three songs of various genres (ethnic, pop, and novelty) and which are all written in Filipino.  More songs will be added soon...

For purchasing method, kindly refer to >>>  OPM2Go

Here's the preview of the album:

I hope you'll find time to listen and support my original compositions.

Mabuhay ang OPM!  Maraming salamat po!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012



R.A. 10175

I simply do not forget...  Let's meet again come 2013 elections!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

On The Day of a Hero's Death Anniversary

When I woke up this morning the very first thing I asked my father was, “Nakita na ba si Robredo?”  As expected, his reply was still negative.  As we were watching the news I said, “Sana naman, ngayong death anniversary ni Ninoy, makita na s’ya.” Suddenly, there was a news flash and DOTC Sec. Mar Roxas just announced the retrieval of DILG Sec. Robredo’s dead body.  A closed fist on my lips and my tears immediately fell.  It is now confirmed.  We just lost a good man.

I admit.  I am slightly bitter.  I remember something but I’d rather not go there anymore.  Besides, that’s past already.  I need to appreciate instead how the President exerted much effort to be there for Sec. Robredo’s search and rescue.  I need to see the good side of things.  I just hope that the President realizes now the importance of putting a good man in his team.  REAL GOOD MEN.  Not the KKKs or the opportunistic-showbiz-minded personalities.

For the first time, I cried for the death of a man in the government.  I never experienced such for Ninoy’s since I was too young then.  It was hard for me to understand my mother’s utmost grief while she was crying in front of our television as the assassination of Ninoy was being reported.  I find it very timely that Sec. Robredo was found on the day of the death anniversary of one of the most loved Philippine heroes, Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino.

They say that good people die young.  I wonder why.  Why them, of all people?  On the other hand, who am I to ask the Lord?  He knows what’s best for all of us.  Let His will be done.

To Ninoy, you are forever remembered.  I pray, “Hindi ka nag-iisa”.  May there be more like you.. now and in the future.

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Senator's Speech

It’s been a very looong time since I last wrote a blog entry here.  It was partly because of the addictive Facebook and Twitter that I am having a hard time maintaining not only one but three blogs.  Anyway, I felt the need to write one now since the subject matter is close to my heart.

Okay, here it goes...

This is not about the RH Bill.  I do not have any problems with Senator Tito Sotto’s stand on the issue.  That is HIS OWN position.  I respect it.  However, to know that a portion of his speech was taken from a blog which was not even credited is not right at all.  I am a blogger myself and whatever I write here comes from my own words.  Not copied.  Not plagiarized.  If I need to quote an article or any piece of work, I add the link or insert a screenshot.  It’s that simple.  So, I expect the same courtesy from other people.

To summarize, here are just a few lessons that may be learned from the so-called plagiarism issue:

1.  Write your own speech. It may not be the best but at least, it is something you can call your own.
In my opinion, a speech should be taken as personal.  I do not understand the reason of some people getting a speechwriter.  Getting a speech "editor" or "translator" maybe, but not someone who would write an entire speech for you.  Can’t they do it themselves?  Yes, a lot of them are busy BUT if you really want to make a point and express something straight from your heart, you’ll find the time to do it.  Otherwise, one needs to make sure that his/her ghost writer is an honest individual who wouldn’t just copy and plagiarize someone else’s work, plus you may just end up consulting Mr. Google for verification purposes.

I’m just a regular person with a normal I.Q. but I was able to write my own speech once.  So, I do not see any reason why others cannot do it, especially those who are being looked up to by the people.

2.  Do not forget to cite your source(s).  A simple acknowledgement won't hurt.
Freedom of speech does not give anybody the right to plagiarize.  Any piece of work is already covered by copyright protection from the moment of its creation.  Thus, it is what we call "automatic copyright".

When you quote a portion of an article, have the decency to acknowledge the source.  Besides, you already got the information for free.  What inconvenience would it cause you to simply name the author?  

3.  Respond in a more appropriate manner.  Send a private message or e-mail instead of replying in the comment box.
For someone who is called the “Chief of Staff”, more so a lawyer, you are expected to be more knowledgeable of proper communication etiquette.  Instead of doing your boss (in this case, it’s Senator Tito Sotto) a favor, you even added fuel to the fire.  Who, in his right frame of mind, would actually reply in a blog’s comment box when the matter at hand should have been addressed in a formal way?  As far as I know, only YOU, Mr. Hector Villacorta.  [Why didn’t I address him as “Attorney”?  Simple.  With the way he responded, I do not think he deserves it.]

4.  Write decently.  Do not forget the simple rule in composition: Capitalize the first letter of a sentence.
Isn’t Mr. Villacorta aware that the first letter of a sentence must be written in capital?  He did not only reply in an informal way but he did also write in an uneducated manner.  Is that how lawyers respond to issues nowadays?

5.  Respect and humility.
The concerned senator was quoted as saying, “Ba’t ko naman iko-quote ‘yung blogger? Blogger lang ‘yun.”  By saying that, he did not only insult Ms. Sarah Pope but the bloggers as a whole.  So, is that how low he regards us, bloggers?

If indeed, blogger “LANG” ‘yun, his speechwriter should have conducted his research from an article by a more popular and distinctive author.  Para naman mas mataas ang level sa taste ng senador.  So, why did he opt to source information from a blog instead?

To add insult to injury, the “Chief of Staff” replied in a rather semi-apologetic tone with a hint of sarcasm.  Please do not apologize if it is not wholehearted in the first place.

Honestly, this is an issue that could have been resolved easily by simply respecting the writer and sincerely admitting one’s shortcoming.  After all, nobody's perfect.  People, most especially in public office and their staff members, should always learn to reply in a proper and polite manner.  Remember, how you speak and write reflect your personality.

I am a blogger, a part-time blogger.  I do not write to get paid.  I do it for free.

I am a blogger, a part-time blogger BUT I am NOT JUST a blogger.  I have other jobs.  Decent jobs.  And I am not indebted to taxpayers' money.

So, to you Tito Sen:
The business tycoon, Mr. Manny V. Pangilinan, was once in the same situation.  The only difference is he owned up to his speechwriter’s mistake and even voluntarily resigned from the Ateneo Board of Trustees.  I can only describe his act in one word – DELICADEZA.

Further, do not belittle other people.  Just because you cried during your speech that made you righteous and sincere.  Truth be told, the recent event only showed the darker side of your character.  Always remember the “Golden Rule” for you do not want to be looked down as, “artista lang”, do you?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Ars Cantica Ensemble on ASAP XV

Our group, Ars Cantica Ensemble, guested with Ms. Jamie Rivera and Juris on ASAP XV in line with the Sa 'Yo Lamang movie launch on the 29th of August 2010.