Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hypocrisy of Noynoy Aquino's Facebook Page Administrator

From the yellow's Facebook page:
Benigno "Noynoy" S. Aquino III [Admin 2]
"Some candidates are flaunting intelligence and pushing for CHANGE. When you ask for change, that means there really is something WRONG. But let me ask you this, SINCE WHEN DID YOU DIVORCE YOURSELF FROM WHAT WAS WRONG? You can NEVER ask for CHANGE when the one you want to be changed is SUPPORTING YOU."

(Since they block everybody who contradicts them, I'd rather post my reaction here. Oh, yes! That's their interpretation of democracy --- blocking everyone who opposes their views rather than dealing with them decently.)

Noynoy Aquino's slogan states "Tanggalin ang Tiwali, Itama ang Mali" ---
If I may ask: Who joined the Genuine Opposition in 2007 and got Erap's endorsement for the Senatorial Elections? Who met with Erap during the height of Ondoy's relief operations? Who is still a good friend of a convicted plunderer? Come on! Don't be a hypocrite! Since when did you equate JOINING A CONVICTED PLUNDERER as SOMETHING GOOD in the TRUE SENSE of FIGHTING AGAINST CORRUPTION?! How do you expect me (and the rest of the disenchanted Aquino followers since then) to believe that slogan when Noynoy himself is still associated with a convicted plunderer?! Pasens'yahan, mula 2007, markado na ang mga ito sa akin: Aquino, Roxas, Villar, Legarda, etc. And I call them "political pigs" simply because they like to eat what they have thrown up, all for the sake of political convenience. It doesn't take a genius to translate their actions. Do your own cleaning first and look into the mirror before examining another person's dirt. Most of all, please practice what you preach.

P.S. I got blocked from their page just by defending Gibo Teodoro regarding the "Posible" copyright issue that (topic) was initiated by their own yellow member. Take note, I didn't even criticize Noynoy and I still got blocked. Pathetic!