Saturday, December 5, 2009

Trillanes --- Look Who's Talking?!?

I have just read an article from Inquirer online:

Now, they're talking... Most especially Trillanes --- look who's talking?! What has he contributed to improve this country? Oh, I know... staging 2 coup attempts! Creating chaos and giving paranoia to the innocent people inside those hotels!

Regarding the Ampatuans, what did the past administrations do with their private armies? NONE. It's easier said than done. I agree, this administration is partly at fault. However, although I don't like PGMA, she is not the only one to be blamed. Also, how could you blame Gibo Teodoro who had only served for 2 years as the Defense Secretary? He isn't a superhero. You're expecting a miracle. Think before you open your mouth!

Evil doesn't grow overnight. These private armies have been in existence for the longest time and yet people only point their fingers to the present administration. Aren't the past leaders guilty of the same thing, too? Just because this tragedy happened only now, I don't think that the past administrations are absolved from the same liability. Truth be told, the Ampatuans have been cuddled for DECADES and now we experienced their wrath!