Monday, November 9, 2009

Noynoy Aquino's Campaign Music Video

Honestly, I love the concept of this music video. Who wouldn't given the all-star cast and the dramatic execution? However, I would have appreciated it more if it was done for Ninoy's death anniv or for the EDSA 1's anniv. It's not quite appealing to me knowing that the real purpose of it is to campaign for Noynoy. Also, the Piso for Noynoy drive doesn't make any sense after watching this. Monetarily speaking, he has ALL the big stars to back him up. Well, maybe next time it would be much better if they could put up an ad focusing on Noynoy's own strengths and capabilities instead of showcasing his parents' legacy. ;)

Nevertheless, NINOY AQUINO will live in my heart forever! Truly, NAG-IISA lang s'ya. :)