Monday, April 5, 2010

Why I Will NOT Vote for Noynoy Aquino

Subject: Why I Will NOT Vote For Noynoy
Date: Monday, April 5, 2010, 9:37 PM

Dear Mr. Banas,

This is in reference to your article "Why I Will Vote For Noynoy" in Manila Standard dated March 29. You had your chance to express your opinion, now it's time to express mine.

I respect your choice. After all, we have the right to choose our own candidate. I just noticed that you failed to include Gordon. In my opinion, Gibo and Gordon are the two most qualified candidates for the presidency. But that's just my opinion and I don't expect you to agree with me.

What I didn't like, however, was the reason that you gave against Gibo Teodoro. What does he have to do with the wrongdoings of Ferdinand Marcos? Are they the same people with the same brains? What did he do to deserve such comparison? It's very unfair to compare Gibo with Marcos just because they are both intelligent. It's the same thing as it's unfair to judge Cory Aquino as an irresponsible parent just because she had a daughter like Kris.

I would have appreciated it more if you just concentrated on discussing your stand on supporting Noynoy Aquino instead of giving us reasons to not vote for his opponents. Furthermore, your point against Gibo Teodoro is baseless. So you mean to say that anybody who is intelligent and witty should not be voted because he might end up like FM?! Masama na pala ngayon ang maging magaling at matalino at baka makatulad ni Marcos. Sorry but for me, this is such a lame excuse, especially if coming from a university professor like you. How would you feel if I say that I'm afraid to vote for Noynoy for the simple reason that he acts like his sister, Kris - shooting his mouth off without thinking well? At least, comparing Noynoy to Kris, I have facts to back up my point.

You are praising Noynoy Aquino for his untarnished record, as if Noynoy has the monopoly of cleanliness. Maybe you aren't aware that Gibo also has an untarnished record against corruption and he also has a reputation to protect. Just because Noynoy is an Aquino that makes Gibo Teodoro a less righteous individual. Gibo's father served during the Marcos regime as the SSS President but never was he accused of any anomaly. That in itself was remarkable. Same thing applies to Gibo - he was considered as one of the most upright cabinet members despite having a (perceived to be) corrupt superior - GMA. Don't we deserve an upright servant even under a corrupt government? This only proves that working under a corrupt government does not necessarily make one a corrupt individual also. Mind you, even those in the opposition have praises for Gibo because either they were able to work with him or they are fully aware of his capabilities as a leader. One good example is Bishop Cruz, who is known as one of GMA critics but is supporting Gibo Teodoro nonetheless.
Objectively speaking, it only shows that one's disgust towards our government is not a hindrance from supporting a viable administration candidate like Gibo Teodoro.

I hate to say negative remarks but since you started it, I'll say them anyway --- If Noynoy was not able to discipline his own sister (Kris Aquino) and still cannot solve their own land problem, what makes him fit to run our whole country?! Linisin muna n'ya sariling nilang bakuran bago s'ya maglinis ng iba. Do you honestly believe in his slogans - "Tanggalin ang Tiwali, Itama ang Mali"; "Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap."; and his famous line in his ad, "Hindi ako magnanakaw."?! Do you still remember who was he with in 2007? Joseph ERAP Estrada! I think this is self-explanatory, I don't need to elaborate on this. And just recently, he had the nerve to say that GMA was wrong in pardoning Erap. Who is he to say that? If indeed he knew that Erap was guilty and deserved punishment, they why did he get his endorsement in 2007 anyway? Hypocrite. Isn't that indicative of a man without principles? Imagine, the people who fought for the impeachment of Erap (Noynoy, Mar, Villar, Legarda, etc) were the very same people who kissed his ass in 2007 just for political convenience. Isn't this what TRAPOs always do: they unite simply because they want to overthrow somebody, never mind if their "allies" are as unscrupulous as the one that they are cursing? Aanhin ko naman ang pagiging malinis n'ya kung wala rin naman pala s'yang prinsipyo? On the other hand, is this really what you can call as a "clean" candidate? And HOW exactly can we have a "clean government" with such kind of a mindset?

Sorry but I don't buy his slogans/ads. Those kinds of slogans/ads have been used and reused for so many times every election. In short, gasgas na, pang-TRAPO. Sino ba naman ang magsasabing "Magnanakaw ako kapag naging Pangulo"? "Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap" - hindi ka nga corrupt pero wala ka naman sariling paninindigan. "Tanggalin ang Tiwali, Itama ang Mali" - eh nakuha nga n'yang maki-alyado sa isang tiwali na isa ring napakalaking pagkakamaling naiboto ng mga Pilipino. Sino niloloko n'ya?! Clearly, he doesn't know how to practice what he preaches. Palagi na lang ba kailangan mag-drama kapag nangangampanya? Para na silang nagsasagutan ni Villar sa ads... Namatayan ng kapatid si Villar, tapos s'ya rin inapi at namatayan naman ng mga magulang. Kailangan ba lagi nasa ads sina Ninoy at Cory? Sino ba talaga ang kandidato, sila o si Noynoy? Goodness gracious. Konting respeto naman. Patahimikin na sana ang mga yumao at huwag na sila gamitin para lang paglaruan ang emosyon ng mga tao.

Different times call for different strategies. Cory Aquino's victory was intended to regain our lost democracy. That was then, now is different. We need to move forward to improve our economy and strengthen our unity as a nation. Please don’t get me wrong. I know that Gibo is not perfect but I'd rather support him (a less popular candidate but with a very positive attitude) than support someone who:
- is perceived to be clean but actually eats his own garbage
- has a habit of flip-flopping with his own statements (
- regards debates as a waste of time (
- is too blinded by hatred towards GMA, etc. (

We don't deserve someone who allies himself with a convicted plunderer, if need be, for political convenience. We don't deserve a fickle-minded leader. We don't deserve a candidate who insults the intelligence of the Filipino voters by not attending debates because as he said, "It's just a waste of time." Oh, come on! But if the invitation comes from ABS-CBN, he can readily accept it. Again, hypocrite. We don't deserve a candidate whose mind is just stuck with criticizing GMA that even the El Nino phenomenon is perceived by him as a government's excuse to cheat ( Etcetera, etcetera...

Sadly, most of the time, when Noynoy supporters are faced with these facts, they try to gloat by saying, "It's okay, he still tops the surveys because the people love him." That's all?! Does this mean that because he is an Aquino, he has the liberty to commit mistakes and get away with them?! So, we just need to rely on the surveys? So we just need to rely on our love... but for whom really - for Noynoy or just for his parents? Wouldn't it be better to show our love for our country by voting wisely and not just because we are bound by surveys or by our love for somebody else's legacy?

I hate hearing people say that we don't need an intelligent president anymore because we ONLY need an honest one in order to have a corruption-free government. I beg to differ. We need a president who is not only HONEST but also INTELLIGENT, SMART, COMPASSIONATE, HARDWORKING and GOD-FEARING in order to lead our people by example and rebuild our country's pride. In short, it should be a complete package. It's the same thing when evaluating an applicant - you hire him on the basis of his credentials, examinations (IQ / personality / physical), on-the-job training performance & clearances and not merely just by looking at his referrals nor by just knowing his parents/relatives. Otherwise, you will be accused of not giving equal job opportunity for applicants. In this case, it looks like many people are guilty of such when evaluating a candidate. Aren't we supposed to look at every angle and not just focus on the surname that a candidate carries? Goodness is not enough to run this country. Otherwise, there are thousands of people who are more qualified than Noynoy Aquino. Remember, having a good moral character is not sufficient enough to be hired as a CEO of a big company. So, what more in leading this nation?

They also say that Noynoy Aquino is clean because he is "maka-Diyos" and "makatao". Really? Who do you think acts more like a true Christian: the one who participates in mudslinging or the one who practices positive campaigning? Action speaks louder than words, doesn't it? Aanhin ko ang madasalin o ang palasimba kung hindi naman nito isinasabuhay ang totoong Salita ng Diyos? Frankly speaking, not everyone who goes to church and pray can be considered as "maka-Diyos" and "makatao". It's the same thing as not everyone who rarely goes to church is non-Christian. I know some people who always attend Mass and pray the rosary but they don't truly practice Christianity. On the other hand, my father rarely goes to church but he lives in a true Christian way.

I love Noynoy's father, Ninoy and I still have respect for his late mother, Cory. I have nothing personal against Noynoy and I know that he may be a good person also but we need somebody much better than him to be our president. Truth be told, before Cory's death, Noynoy was never thought of as a presidential material; not even as a JOKE. In all honesty, I used to be a very loyal Aquino supporter every election. I had been following religiously all of Cory Aquino's endorsements. Sorry but that was then. I don't practice blind loyalty.

Gibo is not FM nor GMA = Noynoy is not Ninoy nor Cory

Again, just to clarify, I have no problem with you supporting Noynoy Aquino. That's your choice and I respect that. I just hope that next time, you will refrain from denigrating another candidate most especially when you don't have pertinent facts to back it up. Do not judge another candidate if you don't want yours to be judged also in the same way.

Matthew 7:1-2
"Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you."

Happy voting. Good luck to all of us.