Tuesday, August 21, 2012

On The Day of a Hero's Death Anniversary

When I woke up this morning the very first thing I asked my father was, “Nakita na ba si Robredo?”  As expected, his reply was still negative.  As we were watching the news I said, “Sana naman, ngayong death anniversary ni Ninoy, makita na s’ya.” Suddenly, there was a news flash and DOTC Sec. Mar Roxas just announced the retrieval of DILG Sec. Robredo’s dead body.  A closed fist on my lips and my tears immediately fell.  It is now confirmed.  We just lost a good man.

I admit.  I am slightly bitter.  I remember something but I’d rather not go there anymore.  Besides, that’s past already.  I need to appreciate instead how the President exerted much effort to be there for Sec. Robredo’s search and rescue.  I need to see the good side of things.  I just hope that the President realizes now the importance of putting a good man in his team.  REAL GOOD MEN.  Not the KKKs or the opportunistic-showbiz-minded personalities.

For the first time, I cried for the death of a man in the government.  I never experienced such for Ninoy’s since I was too young then.  It was hard for me to understand my mother’s utmost grief while she was crying in front of our television as the assassination of Ninoy was being reported.  I find it very timely that Sec. Robredo was found on the day of the death anniversary of one of the most loved Philippine heroes, Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino.

They say that good people die young.  I wonder why.  Why them, of all people?  On the other hand, who am I to ask the Lord?  He knows what’s best for all of us.  Let His will be done.

To Ninoy, you are forever remembered.  I pray, “Hindi ka nag-iisa”.  May there be more like you.. now and in the future.

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